Princes of the Apocalypse - Red Larch, Part Two

After a good night sleep, Nuria, Boult and Agate come down to the main room where Kaylessa Irkell serves them breakfast. The rest of the party seem to still be sleeping. They talk to Kaylessa about things she knows about some of the rumors they heard the day before regarding Lance Rock and the mine. She has a theory about the source of Red Larch recent troubles: it’s is all related to an evil presence at Lance Rock. She says neither the constable nor the town elders have helped her. She offers the character 50 gp to investigate Lance Rock. She also tells them about important Red Larchers.

The three of them go out into the town to find more information about what is going on in Red Larch. Parzival Stormwalker, after waking up, finds the other three as they look around town. One of the locations they visit is Mellikho Stoneworks, where they talk to Albaeri Mellikho. They did not learn much, but Agate saw a symbol above the door, a triangle with a line in the middle. He can not remember what it means, but he knows he has seen it someplace before.

Then, the four adventures head out to Lance Rock. When they get there, Boult climbs the rock and looks around. He sees a ravine a few hundred feet to the south. He comes down and they find a trail, where they find a sign in Common:

Come no closer
lest you catch
the disfiguring plague
that afflicts me!
- The Lord of Lance Rock

They enter the cave the and find and kill a number of zombies and skeletons. One of the rooms has three zombies dancing and dressed up. One is costumed like a bear, another is dressed as a lady in a frilly dress and thick make up, the last is costumed as a jester.

They finally find a workshop, with a hooded zombie. When he attacks, five hands join the fight. As the group kills the zombie and hands, four skeletons start shooting bows. Boult goes down. Agate see a hooded figure on some stairs, who he later finds out is Oreioth. He runs around to another tunnel, not wanting to face the bows head on. Nuria goes down and Parzival stays out of sight to not get shot. Agate misses a trap and finds a door and, looking out, sees Oreioth and the three skeletons now. Boult recovers and casts fog. He goes back down the hall and finds Nuria and pulls her out. Now all four character are together in the room the dancing zombie were in. They decide to go outside and recover a little before going back in.

When they go back in, they kill the last of the skeletons and see Oreioth run down the hallway. They find an oval cavern opening here, forty feet wide and sixty feet long. Dark purple tapestries hang on the walls. At the center stands a pedestal fashioned of severed arms arranged to clutch one another in a cone. Cradled in the uppermost hands is a glowing crystal sphere. A dark sigil with an eye-like slit floats about the sphere. Oreioth tells them to leave. Nuria tries to see behind the tapestries. Oreioth shots a wand of magic missiles and Nuria goes down. Parzival rush behind the tapestries to fight Oreioth. Agate follows against his better judgement. When he gets up with Parzival, he is attacked and killed by Parzival, who has been taken over by Oreioth. Boult joins and finally after Parzival gets control they kill Oreioth, who vanishes in a puff of mist. Everyone finally recovers and they search the room and find money and jewels and some magic items.

They head back to Red Larch.

XP award: 150 xp per character
Gold award: 73.6 gp per character
No downtime or renown
Nuria a got the driftglobe, Boult got the wand of magic missile.


Thanks for getting this posted! I didn’t know when, or if, I’d manage to type something up.


Cool! I’m sad I had to miss, but I’m SO EXCITED about this coming Wednesday!!! :D


Well that is the nice thing about this site. If we miss one evening we can still keep in touch of what is happening. I enjoy writing, but I am an account and a number person. So you are all welcome to correct grammar Agate writing.


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