Princes of the Apocalypse - Red Larch, Part Three

Rowan, D’vid, and Kurt the Meager wake up to find the rest of their party returning from an adventure! Groggily, they entertain tales of that day’s happenings and are relieved when everyone goes to sleep. Rowan makes a mental note not to sip on any more tea, drugged or not.

The next morning, the party awakes and begins investigating two things: a strange symbol seen on Mellikho Stoneworks and a tale involving, Pell, granddaughter of Minthra Mhanyvver and a ghost she saw. To be more efficient, the party splits up. Boult and Parzival Stormwalker head to the Ironhead Arms to procure new and improved armor, Agate and Nuria, head to the place where the symbol was first spotted, and rowan celebriel, Kurt the Meager and D’vid head to the constable’s house to ask him and his wife what they might know about the symbol. The constable is out, but his wife, who is still much pleased by the Havex boar, promises to have him investigate. Everyone meets back up at the Ironhead Arms and exchanges information.

From there, the group decides to head to Minnie and Pell’s house to ask them about the ghost story. Upon greeting Minnie, Parzival immediately offends her by asking to talk to her daughter, who is dead. He slinks back to the back of the group as others begin talking to Minnie and asking about the ghost. Minnie agrees to let someone talk with her granddaughter, but only one person. Rowan steps up, hoping her water animals will make the girl comfortable. After making a series of animals – dog, cat, hawk, and a dove, which perched on the girl’s arm, Pell starts telling her story: she was roaming the countryside like she usually does, when she found herself near a local tomb. As she played, a ghastly creature with a huge sword came at her and told her to leave. She was terrified and fled, and she refused to go back since.

After recalling the story to the group, everyone decides to investigate. Using directions from Minnie and Pell, the adventurers locate the tomb. It’s entrance stands partially open, blocked by a giant slab of rock no one has the strength to move. The group starts filing in when they encounter the ghost, who tells the party to leave. Nuria releases a fire bolt, and the fight is on! The ghost summons his massive sword, Caden, and goes after the party. Nuria realizes only magical weapons will really hurt the ghost, so Rowan casts shillelagh on her quarterstaff and goes in for an attack, only to miss and be knocked unconscious by the creature. Agate stabilizes Rowan, and Parzival lets an arrow fly. He sees that it passes through the ghost, but slows a bit in the middle of the ghost’s body. This gives the party hope, and, after a few more hits to the ghost by D’vid and Kurt, Boult releases magic missiles and the ghost’s body explodes, leaving the sword appearing corporeal on the ground. Nuria goes to check out the rest of the tomb and passes by the sword, which animates and attacks! Presently, Kurt, who is standing toward the back of the group, encounters a half-orc and a goblin named Magra, who both attack and almost cut down Kurt. D’vid goes to pull Kurt back, but he gets hit as he is pulled away and collapses. Meanwhile, in the cave, Parzival, Nuria, and Agate try to wrestle control of the sword, but they fail. Outside, D’vid moves toward the goblin to attack, but is instead attacked. Boult heals Kurt, who goes after the goblin, but the goblin runs into the forest. D’vid finally slays the half-orc, and those inside attack the sword until it lies in pieces on the ground.

After checking out the tomb and taking a rubbing of a dwarven phrase etched into its side, the group returns to town and reports to Minnie and the constable all that has transpired. The two women are much relieved, and Minnie is a bit surprised that her granddaughter’s tale was true. The constable is grateful for the help, and for the retrieval of ancient heirlooms that belong to the town. He also tells the group that he’s noticed the symbol in a few other places around town and inquired about it politely, but no one has volunteered any information on it. He won’t press the issue since the townspeople haven’t committed any crimes and are pillars of the community.

The next day, the festival comes to Red Larch! It is a delightful spectacle of foods, sounds, entertainment, and people. As the group experiences the festival, they discover a wide array of games, a puppet show, a magician, a jokester, and many delicious tasty morsels. Abruptly, the festivities come to a halt when the ground starts violently shaking, and a massive sinkhole appears in the middle of the town, dragging many of the town’s children into its emptiness. Screams of children and parents alike fill the air as everyone rushes to the scene. In their haste, others fall into the pit as they approach the edge, which crumbles beneath their feet. Boult is one of these, and he starts trying to get children out after he scrambles to his feet. After getting everyone to safety, he and then the others notice a curious door in the side of the abyss. Then, the constable has a rather uncomfortable conversation with some of the town’s elders, who seem to know more about these events than they should. To the elders’ dismay, the constable appoints the adventurers to check out the door, and the elders leave both the constable and the adventuring group with a strange warning: ‘do not move the stones.’

XP: 71
Gold: 21
Downtime days: 10
No magic items or renown


ok guys – here’s my first stab at chronicling our delightful session last wednesday! please help me fill in details! i did a better job writing down what happened in the fight scenes, but neglected more people’s names and actions than i’d like. help? :D


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