Genasi Tempest Cleric with Orcish Heritage


Basic Stats

Water Genasi Cleric, Tempest domain

14 STR, 10 DEX, 16 CON, 10 INT, 16 WIS, 8 CHA

Proficient at WIS and CHA saves
Proficient with Athletics, Insight, Medicine, Perception, and water vehicles


Chain mail, shield (AC 18)

Planning to swap the warhammer for something more Orcish like a battleaxe or, depending on the party composition, the hammer and shield for a pike.

Physical Description

Boult is a large, imposing Genasi man with a shaved head, big dark eyes, and the broad, blocky features indicative of Orcish blood. His gray-green skin is smooth and slick as a newt’s, save where it is puckered by old battle scars and the decorative scarring around his left eye. A black worg’s pelt is draped over his soot-darkened chainmail, and a large, conspicuous pendant in the shape of the Eye of Gruumsh hangs around his neck. He bears a heavy, battle-scarred wooden shield in one hand and a cruel battleaxe in the other, with a few small blades adorning his belt and two thick spears strapped to his back alongside his pack.



  • Acid resistance
  • Amphibious
  • Shape Water cantrip


  • Wrath of the Storm (retaliation thunder or lightning damage)
  • Cantrips
    • Sacred Flame
    • Light
    • Guidance
  • Domain Spells
    • Thunderwave
    • Fog Cloud

Child of a Half-Orc Sword Coast pirate and a Marid.


Background: mostly Outlander, customized with Sailor and Acolyte aspects

Personality Traits:
I place no stock in wealth or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won’t save you from a hungry owlbear.
I see omens in every action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen.

The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization.

I suffer awful visions of a coming disaster, and will do anything to prevent it.

Don’t expect me to save those who can’t save themselves. It is nature’s way that the strong thrive and the weak perish.

  • suffers the dark dreams from Gruumsh common to many Orc bloodlines, and occasionally has the patience and anger problems that go with them
  • superstitious, prone to seeing omens in everything
  • strives against portents and scorns fate – ill omens are warnings and challenges
  • embodies the cruel indifference of his deity’s domains, tempest and war, rather than the usual diabolic destruction embraced by Gruumsh’s clerics
    • fatalistic about life and death – anyone may die in the storm or on the battlefield, himself included
    • indifferent to civilized society – cities are just herds and hives
    • to help someone in danger is to give them a spear or club or dagger
  • lacks the talent to manipulate people, but takes advantage of the assumptions they make about his race, size, deity, or upbringing
  • holds remnants of the ancient Orcish suspicion of Elves and Dwarves
  • considers pragmatism and self-reliance to be among the greatest virtues


Boult’s half-Orc mother was a pirate in the Sword Coast, where she encountered the Marid that fathered Boult. Unable to raise a child at sea, and holding deep distrust of the so-called civilized society that so often abused her for her Orcish blood, she fled to the Neverwinter Woods. Living in what amounted to a hermitage, she brought Boult up in what Orcish traditions she knew, from their religion to their fighting styles to their racial grudges. Despite the heavy solitude, there were others in the woods with whom his mother dealt. The most friendly of these were Emerald Enclave members, whose balanced outlook had something of a tempering effect on the hatred for the world Boult learned from his mother.

When he turned 12, his mother took him back to her life of piracy. The sea was a natural home for him, but the dream influence of Gruumsh grew with Boult’s elemental powers. His mother was killed in the course of their villainy while Boult was still too young to be a full crew member on the ship. Growing suspicious of his powers, the pirates began to turn on him, until Gruumsh offered the cornered boy power in exchange for service. That night did not go well for the pirates.

Although common sailors and more superstitious pirates wanted nothing to do with him, Boult had very little trouble finding pragmatic scoundrels who thought his powers were worth the risks, even while he was young. Seagoing life was generally pleasing for him, but the ever more intense nightmares eventually drove him back to the relief of his old home in Neverwinter Woods, where he found some of his old contacts to fill in the gaps of his survival training. In the course of this, he chose to formally join the Emerald Enclave.

Although Genasi hardly fit in with most people, he can still safely go many places most of Gruumsh’s clerics could not, and therefore occasionally wanders up and down the Sword Coast by land and sea as his god’s messenger, sometimes also handling Enclave matters along the way. The bulk of his time is spent simply living his life, trying to keep others out of his way. He drifts between his hermitage and the ships of pragmatic captains both villainous and respectable. Once in a while, he even joins up with small bands of undersea races; it is mostly the much-maligned Sauhagin who will take him in.

He has recently been feeling a new, growing sense of unease that his instincts say is tied to his elemental nature, and his nightmares have taken an elemental slant of late. The foreboding is enough that he has decided to set out and investigate.


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