Goliath Paladin


Chain mail (AC 16) HP (12) PP (12)

Member of the Order of the Gauntlet – Neutral Good

Strength 17 Dexterity 12 Constitution 14 Intelligence 8 Wisdom 10 Charisma 14


What you flatlanders call “The Spine of the World”, I call home. Or at least I did until my village was beset upon by the red dragon. It is my disgrace that I did not die with my tribe. I was abed with a fever that had spread from a festering wound I suffered defending my people from the attack of a cowardly cloud giant’s poisoned blade. The village wise woman brewed an herbal infusion to draw out the poison and give me some fitful rest. While I slept delirious in my cave, the shadow of the wyrm fell over our mountaintop home. Aye, I heard the singing of war bows. the electric crackle of magic, and the cries of pain, but I thought it aught but my fevered dreams. By the time I came to my senses, dry of mouth and crusted in my own filth, the embers of my village were cold as were the bones of my kin. I once more fell into blackness and my next memory was of cool spiced wine being pressed to my lips by a small human cleric. After calming my initial panic to awakening in alien surroundings, the priest told me how I came to this strange place.

He told me that an Aarakocra from the highest peaks of the mountains had been attracted to the chaos of the attack of the red dragon. She had inflicted dire wounds on the dragon, but not before it had complete ravaged my village. She had gone back to the aerie to report to her flock then returned to look for clues as to the origin of the wyrm to finish him off. That’s when she found my near lifeless body and took pity on me. She mercifully bore me to the Temple of Torm on the outskirts of Icewind Dale and provided for my care. I regrettably never got to thank her.

My body healed after many tenday in the temple, but not my spirit. My heart burned for revenge. The priests counseled that revenge was not the way of Torm, but I couldn’t just close my eyes and forget the vision of the charred remains of my village and my family. If it was not the will of Torm for me to take revenge for my village, I would do the next best thing – I would devote my life to the destruction of all evil. The priests told me there was a path I could take that would allow me to travel that road – not of revenge, but of avenging evil in the name of Torm.

Therefore I have set out into the strange flat world away from the mountains to the villages of small folk to pursue the way of the Paladin. One day, if I prove myself worthy and Torm accepts my pledge, I will swear an Oath of Vengeance against all evil and spend the rest of my days in the service of White Gauntlet. This I swear on the bones of those I failed to save those many moons ago.


Genaside Demerol