Parzival Stormwalker

Captain Parzival of The Night's Jewel


Name: Parzival Stormwalker
Race: Air Genasi (Windsoul Genasi)
Class: Rogue, future Rogue/Warlock multiclass (Hexblade or Warlock Assassin)
Background: Sailor
Faction: Emerald Enclave

Specialty: Dex, Con, Cha
Strong: Wis
Weak: Str, Int
Saves: Dex, Int
(Is Int save ever needed? I could start as a fighter and get a Con save and prof w/ longbow)


The Rise of Parzival:
Parzival’s mother and father are both humans, but being born with white hair suggests one of his ancestors was a Djinn; a genie. This was more easily noticeable when he became angry, as blue lines started glowing across his body. Despite a temper that changes with the wind, he was always friendly, free spirited, and traveled as often as he could. He became a sailor in his late teens, as he is drawn to fresh ocean air and new territories. Due to sense of adventure, charismatic nature, and the friendship of his crew, he quickly became Captain of The Night’s Jewel. He and his crew transported goods for fair wages.

The Fall of Parzival:
One day, he was transporting relief supplies (armor, gold, food) to a city that was recently attacked and that was low on supplies. A terrible storm arose that raged through the night and had claimed a few ships in the area. In the morning, after the storm had calmed, Parzival heard “Man overboard starboard side!” They rescued a man with a grisly look and a thick black beard. During the next night, while Parzival was sleeping, the mysterious man had used magic to turn the crew into his slaves. He had planned this mutiny to gain the ship and the gold. Parzival was unable to kill this mysterious caster and was forced to walk the plank. Parzival remembers drowning, but he woke up on the shore with his Djinn ancestor above him (Or I can make this Queen of Air and Darkness to fit the Warlock better), placing a thumb onto Parzival’s forehead. He felt a race of energy flow through his veins.

The Return of Parzival:
It took Parzival a month or more to find civilization again, gear, and passage back to the Sword Coast. He does not know how to use his new felt powers yet, but when he does, he will search out this wanderer that robbed him of The Night’s Jewel and its crew.

Parzival Stormwalker

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