Princes of the Apocalypse Planning

The Emerald Enclave’s Genasi agents and their allies stand against the ancient Elemental Evil

The most important places of note are probably the Forum and the Character pages. The wiki is also a reasonable place for general information, but those are probably the best suited to our needs at the moment. These should all be found in the menu to the left, or now linked above like a proper wiki.

To create or edit anything, you’ll need to be on the player list for this campaign. To add people as players, I need either your OP screenname or your associated email address. Lots of ways to get those to me: become a fan of Genaside, send me a message on here, send me an email (, find me on Facebook and tell me there, or anything else you come up with.

If you have any particular questions about making use of the Obsidian Portal features, just shoot me a message. Or check this OP Introduction page that I’ve hopefully gotten around to making.


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