Wind, Fire, Earth, and Water - Part 1
Princes of the Apocalypse, Episode 4

The party awakens in the nests of a flock of Aarakocra, the ones who rescued them from the fall from the Spire. The birdmen have been in regular conflict with the Cult of Howling Hatred since they took over the Order of Feathergale Knights. They hope that the warriors they rescued will be willing to continue their fight with the cult, and offer to fly the them back to the cultists’ temple. The party agrees, and, after taking a day to recuperate, they begin their raid.

Set down near to the temple’s entrance, Rowan and Parzival sneak closer, with the rest of the group following. Save for Kurt, who has become distressed that D’vid was left behind in the Spire and insists on being taken back there to retrieve the Goliath, and is in no way panicking about the idea of assaulting an elemental cult’s stronghold. The remaining five engage the three guards outside the temple’s cave entrance, beginning with a surprise assault by the two on point. The sentries conjure up some wind defenses, hindering both missile fire and charges, but not for long. The one Rowan marked with faerie fire takes the brunt of the first exchanges, going down quickly. One other flees into a gatehouse built into the cave. The last one is cut down by Agate and Boult trying to flee.

The party catches their breath before pursuing the last guard through the gate. He stands at the end of a zigzag hall with a ward prepared, but he falls to the first quick salvo. From behind arrow slits in the walls of the hallway, archers that Parzival identifies by their voices as Kenku snipe at the party. Rowan provides cover with a fog cloud to get the party past the gauntlet, but Nuria is still haunted by her last fight in the fog. Beyond the gatehouse, two of the Kenku wait in the hall, but Agate and Rowan make quick work of them. Parzival spies the other two behind a door and skewers one.

Beyond this door is a grandly adorned plaza, where four mediocre flutists perform around a fountain. Boult and Rowan team up to use the fountain to freeze one of them in a block of ice, and an unseen voice begins making snide commentary about their battle. As the party fights these cultists, named by the voice as Windwyrds, a few short the source of the voice – a musician concealed in the corner. Boult, still unaware of him, happens to catch him in a thunderwave, breaking his guitar and bringing him into the fight.

The musician, who the iced cultist identifies as Windharrow, takes a quick beating from the party’s casters, before tossing some sort of enchantment at half the party, which seems to fail, and vanishing into thin air. He continues to blast the room with thunder, remaining unseen and knocking out Agate and Parzival. Finally returning through the door to charge Rowan, the minstrel is taken down by Boult’s magic missile wand.

The fallen party members are stabilized, and the battered group decides to bunker down in one side of the gatehouse for an hour or so to recover, cleaning up the signs of battle and sealing the door with ice.

Secret of Sumber Hills, Part 2
Princes of the Apocalypse, Episode 2

After the successful manticore hunt, the merriment continued with renewed enthusiasm. When the feast finally came to an end, the Feathergale Knights made two of their initiates’ dormitories available to the party. With the crew split, Savra came in to one group with a proposal – to join the Cult of Howling Hatred. Boult danced around the topic for a bit, before Nuria and Parzival decided to get the rest of the group from their room. After receiving a very noncommittal refusal, Savra left the party to decide in the morning.

The other leaders were less patient. Knights attacked both groups as they slept. Boult covered his room in fog to go and help the other group. Despite this cover, Nuria fell and Parzival was forced into a high corner to fend off the knights. The other crew, now with equal numbers to the cultists, fared better, as Agate took off heads with his sword, but Rowan also went down.

As reinforcements rallied in the other rooms, Boult healed Rowan, who conjured spikes into the floor to hold them off. Thurl and Braden came down the stairs and forced their minions onward anyway, demanding the party surrender or die. The spikes helped make quick work of the second wave of cultists in the main chamber, so Braden attacked himself, while Thurl teleported past the group to kidnap Nuria. Boult and Kurt chased off Braden while the others handled the remaining enemies engaging Parzival. D’vid somehow slept through all of this, and was about to be left behind.

The party frantically tried to regroup, but the sound of many footsteps coming up the stairs forced them to flee toward the roof. There, they again saw Thurl and Braden, holding a recovered Nuria over the Spire’s edge. Vulture-mounted snipers rose up to surround the roof, as well as Savra on a gryphon. It seemed for a few tense moments that the party would yield, but when Parzival made a move to rescue Nuria, Thurl struck him, causing everyone, already on edge, to react. Boult countered Braden’s defensive wind magic with a wind attack, sending him plunging off the tower, and the battle began in earnest.

After Nuria blasted him with her necrotic magic, Thurl shoved her, too, off the Spire. Daggers flew from the snipers – although Savra showed surprising reluctance to attack – and swords clashed on the roof. Soon only Boult and Parzival stood, half-dead, facing down Thurl and his riders. A desperate last strike of magic and bow put Thurl himself on the brink, just as a horde of creatures rose from the chasm to assault the Spire. The riders dove to engage there, ignoring the rooftop battle. Thurl admitted defeat as he staggered toward the center of the roof, only to make a final, sacrificial blast of thunder, tearing himself apart but throwing the whole party off the tower.

XP Award: 480 per character
No gold, downtime, renown, or magic items.

Secret of Sumber Hills, Part 1
Princes of the Apocalypse, Episode 2

from Boult’s Logbook:

Sixth day after arrival in Red Larch -

I still feel strange writing all this out like some sage or minstrel, but the details of this mission seem significant enough to be recorded, like the features and weather noted in a ship’s log, that others may follow our path if we fail.

Crew Status:
Something in those old tunnels that collapsed in Red Larch caused a reaction in Kurt and myself. When the rest came back out of that door, D’vid also fell ill. The elves would call this an “allergy”, or something equally foolish, with their need to have fancy words for everything. In any case, the others were still too weak this morning to travel. I came around a few hours after sunrise – bless Gruumsh for his impatience. By that hour, the rest of the party had been asked by the Enclave to investigate a disappearance near the Feathergale Spire not too far away, and had found two more warriors for the trip who had their own business in that direction: two human men, Nighthawk and Kengo.

The road to Feathergale Spire was long and dull, winding through the Sumber Hills. No features of note. Along the way, we were attacked without warning by three men who flew upon giant vultures. They came at our formation from above on both flanks. Two of them and their vultures ended up surrounding Parzival, who fell in the combat, but the brief and brutal fight saw two of their number slain before the last one fled on his bird. The airborne soldiers wore blue uniforms under white and brown feather cloaks. Their emblem, Nuria recognized, was associated with one “Church of Howling Hatred” – the Cult of Evil Air. Rowan stabilized Parzival, so I chose to carry him as we continued, conserving our magical resources.

The road continued without notable features, save that it led out of the hills onto flatter terrain. The Spire we sought was visible from a great distance, rising some 30 paces high above the plains. Upon reaching Feathergale Spire, its base proved to be set in a deep chasm, perhaps 130 paces down. A few vulture-mounted guards circled above. A bell was mounted to a post across the chasm from the Spire’s gate and drawbridge. When we rang it, a woman – Savra, one of the Spire’s knights, greeted us from a window and invited us to join them for their celebration that night, lowering the drawbridge for us to enter. She escorted the crew to be introduced to one Thurl Merosska, Captain of Feathergale Spire and Lord Commander of its Featherborn Knights. The order protects this region, but its members’ garb was much like the men who attacked us on the road. While the others recovered from the fight, Agate, Nighthawk, and I surveyed the tower. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary – lodging for both knights and initiates of the tower’s order, kitchens, a great hall, an armory, a solarium, and stables for their vultures and gryphons. In the stables, we met the Lord Commander’s lieutenant, Braden, along with his gryphon mount Lionsbane.

The celebratory feast followed that night. It was as you would expect from a military order – disciplined opening, followed by loud speech, hearty food, and much drinking. Rowan shared the events of Red Larch with the soldiers, accompanied by her water art, to general approval. Our new crew member Nighthawk was rather insistent that the captain help him find some certain documents he suspected were in the Spire, but was dismissed as mistaken. We carefully inquired about the men we sought, and the captain seemed to have some information to share later in more private surroundings.

The festivities were interrupted by warnings from the lookouts that a manticore the order had been hunting for several weeks had again been spotted. Never ones for turning down a hunt, our crew borrowed vultures to join the knights. The manticore’s spine attacks forced down the order’s soldiers at the head of our hunting party, but then Rowan channeled some earth magic to force down the monster. I swooped in to keep it back from the rest of the party as it fell, striking it with necrotic power. A small storm of missiles, magical and otherwise, followed, grievously wounding the manticore as it fell, but Braden swept in beneath our crew, allowing the gryphon Lionsbane to finish off our prey.

As we returned to the tower with our prize, we observed one of the lookouts was the man who fled the afternoon’s battle. We must continue our great caution in dealing with this order. It is possible that the leadership is unaware of the Elemental Evil some of their order appears to be in dealings with, but we may also find ourselves in the jaws of a trap.

XP Award: 300 per character
No gold, downtime, renown, or magic items.

PofA - Red Larch, Part Four

Our adventure begins with most of the party entering the stone door revealed by the pit’s collapse. Kurt the Meager became terrified of going underground, and Boult stayed behind to comfort him (as best as he could). Rowan, despite her petite nature, manages to open the stone door – it slides back with a simple push. The group enters the passageway and proceeds until they come to two huge stone dwarves blocking two passageways. They go left, and discover a room where two giant rats sit, feeding on corpses. Rowan enters the room and tries to convince the rats the party means no harm, but there are more rats hiding in the walls, and they are hungry. The other rats move into the room through slits in the walls, surrounding Rowan, and the fight is on. Luckily, these rats are no match for the adventurers, and the rats are dead in mere seconds. Looking around the room, the party notes the strange symbol etched into what is left of the corpses’ skulls.

They keep moving forward, and the group eventually comes to a larger room with a pretty large stone dwarf statue in it. The statue is broken in half, the side-by-side pieces surrounded with a wooden framework. As the party moves closer, they realize that this dwarf has been extremely well-chiseled; in fact, this statue is of a petrified dwarf! The sign mounted on the framework lets the party know this statue was found in what is now the Red Larch quarry in fourteen-fifty-two DR.

Beyond the statue lies a longer-ish room featuring a rather terrified and crazed old man who beseeches the party not to go into the room that lies beyond him as the stones will kill anyone who enters! When pressed, the poor man lets it be known that there is a group called the Believers who talk to the stones. The stones move to communicate with the Believers, and they warn the group of impending doom! He also tells the group that the stones last moved a couple of days ago, and that they MUST NOT be disturbed at any cost! Nuria doesn’t believe him, and tries to intimidate him into telling her more, but he gets hysterical and smashes his lantern on the ground.

At that, a group of humanoids runs through the main room behind the adventurers; one fires a crossbow bolt at Parzival, but misses. The group turns to the old man for answers, but he says only that they are “Bringers of Woe.” Next, stones in the next room start moving, and a human and half-orc start attacking. Rowan creates a fog cloud to hide the party, but the half-orc appears suddenly, grabs D’vid, and drags him off through the fog. Rowan pursues. When she does, she finds herself in another room where a small boy lies pinned to the ground. D’vid and the half-orc are arguing, so Rowan frees the boy. She learns his name (Braelen), that his father is Rothar, that he’s being punished for failing to deliver a letter, and that he wants to be a Believer someday.

While Rowan and D’vid are busy, Parzival, Agate, and Nuria talk to the frightened old man a bit more, then come in search of the other two party members. They walk through the fog and into the farther room to find D’vid and Rowan fighting the half-orc! General uncoordinated fighting ensues, and Rowan is knocked unconscious. Agate tries to stabilize her, but fails. D’vid attacks and connects with the half-orc, Parzival shoots and misses, and Agate heals. When the half-orc and humans run off down a hallway, D’vid resuscitates Rowan, who casts entangle on the three down the hallway, dropping the fog cloud. As the fog dissipates, Parzival and Nuria see a much larger enforcer appear, and the half-orc refers to him as ‘The Master.’ The Master shoves most of the party, then starts pulling chains attached to the walls, which set off a series of traps, effectively trapping Rowan, D’vid, and Agate in separate metal cages. Nuria jumps free of the traps, and she and Parzival are left to handle ‘The Master.’ After Nuria, Parzival, and ‘The Master’ trade blows, it is apparent that the group isn’t going to win this fight, and ‘The Master’ gives Nuria a chance to save the party by yielding. She does, and Rowan follows suit from inside her cage. The remaining human attacker finishes off the half-orc, as his services are no longer needed, and stabilizes and frees the remaining caged party members.

The party is led past the terrified old man into the room he guarded. This room is filled with huge stone outcroppings, slabs, and bridges, including a huge stone altar. Nuria, Rowan, and Agate are tied up without their weapons. Parzival and D’vid, still unconscious, are in a pile near the bound party members. ‘The Master’ and the other human start talking, and the party learns that the human is the priest of the earth cult. After some discussion with the party and with ‘The Master, the priest makes it clear he will sacrifice the adventurers on his altar. Having discreetly freed themselves, the party attacks, and the fight resumes, even though it’s clear the party is outmatched without their missing allies. As the party desperately fights, the day is saved by the sudden appearance of the town Constable! He, in a display of seasoned fighting, kills ‘The Master,’ and the priest flees. The Constable then instigates martial law, as times have become unpredictable dangerous.

Princes of the Apocalypse - Red Larch, Part Three

Rowan, D’vid, and Kurt the Meager wake up to find the rest of their party returning from an adventure! Groggily, they entertain tales of that day’s happenings and are relieved when everyone goes to sleep. Rowan makes a mental note not to sip on any more tea, drugged or not.

The next morning, the party awakes and begins investigating two things: a strange symbol seen on Mellikho Stoneworks and a tale involving, Pell, granddaughter of Minthra Mhanyvver and a ghost she saw. To be more efficient, the party splits up. Boult and Parzival Stormwalker head to the Ironhead Arms to procure new and improved armor, Agate and Nuria, head to the place where the symbol was first spotted, and rowan celebriel, Kurt the Meager and D’vid head to the constable’s house to ask him and his wife what they might know about the symbol. The constable is out, but his wife, who is still much pleased by the Havex boar, promises to have him investigate. Everyone meets back up at the Ironhead Arms and exchanges information.

From there, the group decides to head to Minnie and Pell’s house to ask them about the ghost story. Upon greeting Minnie, Parzival immediately offends her by asking to talk to her daughter, who is dead. He slinks back to the back of the group as others begin talking to Minnie and asking about the ghost. Minnie agrees to let someone talk with her granddaughter, but only one person. Rowan steps up, hoping her water animals will make the girl comfortable. After making a series of animals – dog, cat, hawk, and a dove, which perched on the girl’s arm, Pell starts telling her story: she was roaming the countryside like she usually does, when she found herself near a local tomb. As she played, a ghastly creature with a huge sword came at her and told her to leave. She was terrified and fled, and she refused to go back since.

After recalling the story to the group, everyone decides to investigate. Using directions from Minnie and Pell, the adventurers locate the tomb. It’s entrance stands partially open, blocked by a giant slab of rock no one has the strength to move. The group starts filing in when they encounter the ghost, who tells the party to leave. Nuria releases a fire bolt, and the fight is on! The ghost summons his massive sword, Caden, and goes after the party. Nuria realizes only magical weapons will really hurt the ghost, so Rowan casts shillelagh on her quarterstaff and goes in for an attack, only to miss and be knocked unconscious by the creature. Agate stabilizes Rowan, and Parzival lets an arrow fly. He sees that it passes through the ghost, but slows a bit in the middle of the ghost’s body. This gives the party hope, and, after a few more hits to the ghost by D’vid and Kurt, Boult releases magic missiles and the ghost’s body explodes, leaving the sword appearing corporeal on the ground. Nuria goes to check out the rest of the tomb and passes by the sword, which animates and attacks! Presently, Kurt, who is standing toward the back of the group, encounters a half-orc and a goblin named Magra, who both attack and almost cut down Kurt. D’vid goes to pull Kurt back, but he gets hit as he is pulled away and collapses. Meanwhile, in the cave, Parzival, Nuria, and Agate try to wrestle control of the sword, but they fail. Outside, D’vid moves toward the goblin to attack, but is instead attacked. Boult heals Kurt, who goes after the goblin, but the goblin runs into the forest. D’vid finally slays the half-orc, and those inside attack the sword until it lies in pieces on the ground.

After checking out the tomb and taking a rubbing of a dwarven phrase etched into its side, the group returns to town and reports to Minnie and the constable all that has transpired. The two women are much relieved, and Minnie is a bit surprised that her granddaughter’s tale was true. The constable is grateful for the help, and for the retrieval of ancient heirlooms that belong to the town. He also tells the group that he’s noticed the symbol in a few other places around town and inquired about it politely, but no one has volunteered any information on it. He won’t press the issue since the townspeople haven’t committed any crimes and are pillars of the community.

The next day, the festival comes to Red Larch! It is a delightful spectacle of foods, sounds, entertainment, and people. As the group experiences the festival, they discover a wide array of games, a puppet show, a magician, a jokester, and many delicious tasty morsels. Abruptly, the festivities come to a halt when the ground starts violently shaking, and a massive sinkhole appears in the middle of the town, dragging many of the town’s children into its emptiness. Screams of children and parents alike fill the air as everyone rushes to the scene. In their haste, others fall into the pit as they approach the edge, which crumbles beneath their feet. Boult is one of these, and he starts trying to get children out after he scrambles to his feet. After getting everyone to safety, he and then the others notice a curious door in the side of the abyss. Then, the constable has a rather uncomfortable conversation with some of the town’s elders, who seem to know more about these events than they should. To the elders’ dismay, the constable appoints the adventurers to check out the door, and the elders leave both the constable and the adventuring group with a strange warning: ‘do not move the stones.’

XP: 71
Gold: 21
Downtime days: 10
No magic items or renown

Princes of the Apocalypse - Red Larch, Part Two

After a good night sleep, Nuria, Boult and Agate come down to the main room where Kaylessa Irkell serves them breakfast. The rest of the party seem to still be sleeping. They talk to Kaylessa about things she knows about some of the rumors they heard the day before regarding Lance Rock and the mine. She has a theory about the source of Red Larch recent troubles: it’s is all related to an evil presence at Lance Rock. She says neither the constable nor the town elders have helped her. She offers the character 50 gp to investigate Lance Rock. She also tells them about important Red Larchers.

The three of them go out into the town to find more information about what is going on in Red Larch. Parzival Stormwalker, after waking up, finds the other three as they look around town. One of the locations they visit is Mellikho Stoneworks, where they talk to Albaeri Mellikho. They did not learn much, but Agate saw a symbol above the door, a triangle with a line in the middle. He can not remember what it means, but he knows he has seen it someplace before.

Then, the four adventures head out to Lance Rock. When they get there, Boult climbs the rock and looks around. He sees a ravine a few hundred feet to the south. He comes down and they find a trail, where they find a sign in Common:

Come no closer
lest you catch
the disfiguring plague
that afflicts me!
- The Lord of Lance Rock

They enter the cave the and find and kill a number of zombies and skeletons. One of the rooms has three zombies dancing and dressed up. One is costumed like a bear, another is dressed as a lady in a frilly dress and thick make up, the last is costumed as a jester.

They finally find a workshop, with a hooded zombie. When he attacks, five hands join the fight. As the group kills the zombie and hands, four skeletons start shooting bows. Boult goes down. Agate see a hooded figure on some stairs, who he later finds out is Oreioth. He runs around to another tunnel, not wanting to face the bows head on. Nuria goes down and Parzival stays out of sight to not get shot. Agate misses a trap and finds a door and, looking out, sees Oreioth and the three skeletons now. Boult recovers and casts fog. He goes back down the hall and finds Nuria and pulls her out. Now all four character are together in the room the dancing zombie were in. They decide to go outside and recover a little before going back in.

When they go back in, they kill the last of the skeletons and see Oreioth run down the hallway. They find an oval cavern opening here, forty feet wide and sixty feet long. Dark purple tapestries hang on the walls. At the center stands a pedestal fashioned of severed arms arranged to clutch one another in a cone. Cradled in the uppermost hands is a glowing crystal sphere. A dark sigil with an eye-like slit floats about the sphere. Oreioth tells them to leave. Nuria tries to see behind the tapestries. Oreioth shots a wand of magic missiles and Nuria goes down. Parzival rush behind the tapestries to fight Oreioth. Agate follows against his better judgement. When he gets up with Parzival, he is attacked and killed by Parzival, who has been taken over by Oreioth. Boult joins and finally after Parzival gets control they kill Oreioth, who vanishes in a puff of mist. Everyone finally recovers and they search the room and find money and jewels and some magic items.

They head back to Red Larch.

XP award: 150 xp per character
Gold award: 73.6 gp per character
No downtime or renown
Nuria a got the driftglobe, Boult got the wand of magic missile.

Princes of the Apocalypse - Red Larch, Part One

A sense of trouble has been growing among those with ties to the elements. Rumors are growing concerning the Sumber Hills, and genasi among the Emerald Enclave have begun asking to investigate. From Neverwinter Wood, Boult and Nuria head south to Waterdeep to meet another genasi sailor, Parzival, and the two other genasi there with him, Agate and Rowan, all more Enclave members. From there, the five head back north to the Hills.

The genasi encounter a pair of humans on the road, Kurt and Stitch, just as they are surprised by a small gang of orcs and a bugbear, fleeing a bulette, with a small captive fey in their clutches. The bulette proves all but impervious to assault, so the orcs and bugbear attack the travelers to leave them as fodder for the monster. Boult tries to use his Gruumsh symbol to persuade the orcs to fight with the travelers against the bulette, but they are convinced only of their own need to survive. The three sides meet in a bloody and desperate clash, until the barely-surviving travelers free the fey creature, who teleports them to safety (leaving the orcs and bugbear to the bulette), flashes a mischievous grin, and disappears, leaving seven odd gold coins on the ground, which, when flipped, turn to ash that is absorbed into the adventurer’s flesh.

The new party trudges back up to the small trading town of Red Larch, passing the mutilated bodies of the orcs and bugbear along the way. The local constable questions the motley looking crew, as there has been an increase in disturbances and foul tidings as of late. Luckily, Rowan manipulates a puddle in an entertaining way, and the constable assumes the adventurers are in town for the market coming in a few days. He directs them to the local taverns: The The Swinging Sword Inn and the Helm at High Sun. After the party overhears gossip about a few troubles in the surrounding countryside, including a terrified girl, a missing Havex boar, and ominous occurrences by the singular odd landscape feature near Red Larch, Lance Rock, the constable offers to cover their lodging and perhaps a meal or two if they will check out the complaints that lie beyond the town’s limits at The Swinging Sword Inn.

The first incident the party investigates involves a stolen prize pig. Bandits seized it from a merchant caravan the day before along the Cairn Road, east of Red Larch. The adventurers travel several miles down the road before they discover the highwaymen’s camp. The camp is easy to find – the bandits have a fire going, and a starved black bear in a cage cries out pitifully. Behind the encampment is a cave set into a 10-foot hill with sloped sides. The adventurers decide to ambush the camp – most of the group sneaks toward the camp, hiding behind trees for cover, and Parzival sneaks up the sloped hill toward the edge, intending to free the bear. However, one of the adventurers accidentally steps on a twig, which alerts the bandits to their presence. As the bandits call out, Parzival is discovered by another bandit hiding in a tree on the hilltop! The bandit focuses her arrows on Parzival, striking him down, but not before he manages to levitate the pin on the black bear’s cage. Beast and adventurer alike set into the bandits: Kurt, Boult, and Agate take front melee positions, weapons flashing, Nuria sets a nasty swarm of insects on the bandit leader, Rowan pulls a bandit toward the hungry (and angry) bear, who mauls his victim, and Stitch deals damage while saving Parzival and healing other members of the group. This brief but intense fight brings victory for the party! Upon exploring the cave, the adventurers discover that the prize boar had already been slain and carved by the highwaymen, so the party takes the pork back to town. They find that the merchants who told their woeful tale of theft have already left Red Larch, so the party and their new hosts will dine well in the days to come.

XP award: 100 xp per character
Gold award: 16 gp per character
No downtime, renown, or magic items

One strange thing did happen at the cave that could have brought problems to the party mix. Stitch noticed that Agate had cut of the head of fellow he faced while fighting him. Stitch saw Agate pick up the head and stick it in a bag. After the battle Stitch watch to his dismay as Agate pull the head out of his bag, cut of one of the ears of the fellow and put it on a string that hug on Agate body. Stitch confronted Agate about the action. After learning Agate had been raise by Kobolds. He understood the action and decide that it was his goal to see if he can teach Agate that he should not behave that way.

Harburk Tuthmarillar the town Constable tells the adventures he will pay for a few day stay at The Swinging Sword Inn for what they did. The party head to the inn with there meat and settle in. Kaylessa Irkell the innkeeper serves them tea and cooks the meat for dinner. Then shows them to their rooms
Back at the inn, that party learned something else about Agate. When they where all sitting around, Agate pulled out a roll of paper. He unrolled it on the table and they saw it was a map of the Sword Coast. Agate said “Me like pretty maps, me see all these places some day.” He points to the Dessarian River valley. “We here” he says as he pulls out a second map with Red Larch. They he sat back and was silent again, drink on some of the nice tea the inn keeper has been providing.


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