Genasi-Earth Fighter (Mother unknown)


Chain mail, shield (AC 18) HP (13) PP (11)
Two Swords
Light Cross Bow

Member of Emerald Enclave – Neutral

Strength 16 Dexterity 14 Constitution 16 Intelligence 8 Wisdom 12 Charisma 8

Agate skin is shinny brown almost looks like polish gem stone. No one knows his real name, his name comes from his eyes that spark like different color agate, depending on the light. He has a few fissures in his flesh from which faint light shine. One on his left cheek, one on his right arm, one on both legs and the largest on his back. He is bold with a light blue tattoo on his forehead. He has a light bread, not much hair grows on his body. His voice is gravelly. He does not sweet much, but when he does it is mud. He is a large man, with very large hands and feet.

Saving throws – Str and Con

He can Earth Walk and Merge with Stone
Languages: common, primordial, and draconic.


Descendant of outsider native to the Elemental Plane of Earth and maybe a half-orc. Since he never met his parents it all a guess. He was an outcast and never really knew is real home.


Background: Outlander with a hint of Urchin.

Personality Traits: I place no stock in wealth or well mannered folk. Money and manners won’t save you in a fight.

Ideal: People- Nature. I help the people who help me- that’s what keeps us alive. The natural world is more important than the constructs of civilization.

Bond: I suffer awful visions of coming disaster and will do anything to prevent it.

Flaw: I am slow to trust other races, tribes and societies of the civilized world.

Since I spent most of my time in the wild, have excellent memory of geography and can always recall the general layout of terrain. Also can live off the land and feed others, provided the land has water and berries and small game.

Back Story:

Agate does not remember is parents. His first memories are of the Kobold village in the hills south of The Spine of the World where they had taken in a young child that they taught was magical because of his eyes and skin. They had found him not far from the village. His first 12 years spend his time being moved between the many villages of the different dragankin races north of Waterdeep thinking he might provide them a gift and good luck to their villages. He picked up the ability to fight with weapons.

After that he spend his time traveling the north area. Once in awhile he would enter a village or town. But he found people were not friendly to him. He spend some time in the home of some of the dwarfs in the The Spine of the World. As he got older he would sell his service as a hired fighter. He learned about the Emerald Enclave and had head in direction of Waterdeep to join them. His dreams of a coming disaster come more often and more real. He feel the cosmic threat of Elemental Evil reaching the Forgotten Realms so. Maybe he will find his father in this threat. The dwarfs had shared they knowledge of the Dua and the capital Jewel City.

As he was growing up he learned few things about himself. He found that he could move across difficult terrain made of earth or stone without expending extra movement.
He also found he could Merge with Stone, allowing him to cast the pass without trace spell. This was fun to use when he was a child and playing hide and seek with the Kobold children. Late he learn when he was out hunting with the young Kobolds or Lizard men that he could help his group hide and move and not be seen. Now at the age of 10 he was quit larger than the Kobolds he grew up with.

Growing up he learn common and draconic while he was with Kobolds and Lizards. At the age of 15 when he had left the Kobolds and started his wonderings, he met and old lady in the woods who told him about the elemental world that his father had come from. She taught him primordial.

He loved exploring the world and any time he could get hold of a map it would end up in one of the many bags he carried. He loved the trinkets that he wore on a string of his many kills. All kinds of ears lined the string.


Genaside Agate