Drow/Genasi Necromancy Wizard


AC= 12/15 with Mage Armor
PP = 11

She is proficient in Arcana, History, Investigation, Religion, and Insight.
Languages are Common, Primoridal, Undercommon, and Gnomish.
She has Dark Vision and Fire Resistance. Nuria carries a quarterstaff with a human skull afixed on top of the staff as her Arcane Focus. She also carries a light crossbow.


Nuria was born in the Underdark and was abandoned to live a terrifying life alone in the caves. A priest of Myrkul cast a location spell to find the next chosen of his god and he found her. He brought her out of the caves and began training her as an acolyte of Myrkul. She killed the priest because of his evil ways and took to the open road. She found a world that didn’t accept her strange appearance. She found herself hiding and living alone in a forest. She continued her Necromancy training on the animals and plants of the forest.
She has black skin, flames for hair and red eyes.


Genaside cerridwin