rowan celebriel

water genasi druid with elven heritage


great skills: wisdom and constitution
middling skills: dexterity and intelligence
terrible skills: strength and charisma

AC: fourteen
HP: eleven
PP: fifteen

weapons: quarterstaff (with the bottom end sharpened to a point), and a druidic focus, which is a dried sprig of lavender
armor: leather armor, driftwood shield

int and wisdom saving throws
herbalism kit

other cool stuff: amphibious, resistance to acid
languages: common, primordial, druidic, and elvish

cantrips at first level: thornwhip, shillelagh, and shape water
first level spells: ice knife, entangle, faerie fire, and fog cloud


appearance: rowan is a young female water genasi. her skin is a translucent blue that deepens towards her extremities, and she has larger than normal black eyes. her hair fans out behind/around her, and is a dark blue that fades to a seaweed green, in which float tiny seahorses. the pointy tips of her elven ears are barely visible beneath her hair, but her graceful fingers belie her heritage. instead of rope or normal cinches for armor, she prefers dried and seasoned strips of seaweed, and she has painted ocean flora on the bottom of her leather armor.

backstory: rowan grew up in the city of almraiven, near calimshan, on the shining sea. there, she lived near the coast, where she was raised by her elven mother. they had a nice, but very simple, life – the city was large enough that rowan’s mother, thaliel, was able to ply her trade as an herbalist, using the nearby forest of mir to gather supplies for her business to support their little family. when she was little, rowan helped her mother gather herbs in the forest. as she got older and more capable, she processed and sorted herbs in the back of the shop. she rarely worked the front desk due to her otherworldly and strange appearance, but, occasionally, when she heard one of thaliel’s friends come to shop, she would pop out to say hello. over time, she learned about the herbs her mother sold – learned how to identify them in the wild, to collect them, dry, and process them, as well as learned their more practical uses.

time not spent on herbs was spent frolicking the beaches and the water near the city. from a young age, rowan displayed a love for water – not a huge surprise, given her water genasi heritage. what was unexpected was rowan’s ability to magically manipulate water and some of the surrounding beach flora and fauna. thankfully, thaliel recognized rowan’s magical manifestations and introduced her to one of her elven friends in the city, melarial, who was able to start honing rowan’s skills. between training and helping her mother with the shop, rowan had little free time left, but the free time she did have was spent making friends with aquatic creatures, gathering trinkets from the beach, and exploring the bottom of the sea.

tragically, her mother contracted a fatal disease for which there was no cure, despite the ongoing and desperate application of herbs and medicinal poultices, and she died when rowan was sixteen. melarial felt compassion for rowan and temporarily took her in, equipping her as best she could and connecting her with a group that could use rowan’s talents: the emerald enclave. it was from her contacts in the emerald enclave that rowan heard foreboding rumors of elemental powers stirring in the north. since the goals of the emerald enclave and rowan’s own goals – finding her mother’s family in a city called silverymoon – lie in the same direction, rowan set off on her own, making her way toward the source of the disturbances, using the coastlines for safety and cover. she currently finds herself on the sword coast at the river dessarin, near waterdeep.

personality: rowan is initially shy and reserved, preferring to gauge a situation’s nuances before acting or contributing. she is friendly in a simple way, and is most kind to animals. she absentmindedly manipulates nearby liquid when she’s bored or pensive. internally, she feels unmoored and situationally insecure without a parent to count on.

ideals: she believes in the consistent inconsistency of nature and will protect the natural order insomuch as she can. she’s concerned about the unnatural elemental rumblings – they threaten the existing delicate balance between civilization and nature.

bonds: she owes the emerald enclave my loyalty – they are the reason her basic needs are met, and they have need of her skills. emerald enclave members are her new family since hers died.

flaws: she trusts people to be inherently good, since those are the kind of people she’s experienced in the world. she’s naive, easily manipulated and can be taken advantage of since she doesn’t know any differently.

[story subject to further development and change!]

rowan celebriel

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