PofA - Red Larch, Part Four

Our adventure begins with most of the party entering the stone door revealed by the pit’s collapse. Kurt the Meager became terrified of going underground, and Boult stayed behind to comfort him (as best as he could). Rowan, despite her petite nature, manages to open the stone door – it slides back with a simple push. The group enters the passageway and proceeds until they come to two huge stone dwarves blocking two passageways. They go left, and discover a room where two giant rats sit, feeding on corpses. Rowan enters the room and tries to convince the rats the party means no harm, but there are more rats hiding in the walls, and they are hungry. The other rats move into the room through slits in the walls, surrounding Rowan, and the fight is on. Luckily, these rats are no match for the adventurers, and the rats are dead in mere seconds. Looking around the room, the party notes the strange symbol etched into what is left of the corpses’ skulls.

They keep moving forward, and the group eventually comes to a larger room with a pretty large stone dwarf statue in it. The statue is broken in half, the side-by-side pieces surrounded with a wooden framework. As the party moves closer, they realize that this dwarf has been extremely well-chiseled; in fact, this statue is of a petrified dwarf! The sign mounted on the framework lets the party know this statue was found in what is now the Red Larch quarry in fourteen-fifty-two DR.

Beyond the statue lies a longer-ish room featuring a rather terrified and crazed old man who beseeches the party not to go into the room that lies beyond him as the stones will kill anyone who enters! When pressed, the poor man lets it be known that there is a group called the Believers who talk to the stones. The stones move to communicate with the Believers, and they warn the group of impending doom! He also tells the group that the stones last moved a couple of days ago, and that they MUST NOT be disturbed at any cost! Nuria doesn’t believe him, and tries to intimidate him into telling her more, but he gets hysterical and smashes his lantern on the ground.

At that, a group of humanoids runs through the main room behind the adventurers; one fires a crossbow bolt at Parzival, but misses. The group turns to the old man for answers, but he says only that they are “Bringers of Woe.” Next, stones in the next room start moving, and a human and half-orc start attacking. Rowan creates a fog cloud to hide the party, but the half-orc appears suddenly, grabs D’vid, and drags him off through the fog. Rowan pursues. When she does, she finds herself in another room where a small boy lies pinned to the ground. D’vid and the half-orc are arguing, so Rowan frees the boy. She learns his name (Braelen), that his father is Rothar, that he’s being punished for failing to deliver a letter, and that he wants to be a Believer someday.

While Rowan and D’vid are busy, Parzival, Agate, and Nuria talk to the frightened old man a bit more, then come in search of the other two party members. They walk through the fog and into the farther room to find D’vid and Rowan fighting the half-orc! General uncoordinated fighting ensues, and Rowan is knocked unconscious. Agate tries to stabilize her, but fails. D’vid attacks and connects with the half-orc, Parzival shoots and misses, and Agate heals. When the half-orc and humans run off down a hallway, D’vid resuscitates Rowan, who casts entangle on the three down the hallway, dropping the fog cloud. As the fog dissipates, Parzival and Nuria see a much larger enforcer appear, and the half-orc refers to him as ‘The Master.’ The Master shoves most of the party, then starts pulling chains attached to the walls, which set off a series of traps, effectively trapping Rowan, D’vid, and Agate in separate metal cages. Nuria jumps free of the traps, and she and Parzival are left to handle ‘The Master.’ After Nuria, Parzival, and ‘The Master’ trade blows, it is apparent that the group isn’t going to win this fight, and ‘The Master’ gives Nuria a chance to save the party by yielding. She does, and Rowan follows suit from inside her cage. The remaining human attacker finishes off the half-orc, as his services are no longer needed, and stabilizes and frees the remaining caged party members.

The party is led past the terrified old man into the room he guarded. This room is filled with huge stone outcroppings, slabs, and bridges, including a huge stone altar. Nuria, Rowan, and Agate are tied up without their weapons. Parzival and D’vid, still unconscious, are in a pile near the bound party members. ‘The Master’ and the other human start talking, and the party learns that the human is the priest of the earth cult. After some discussion with the party and with ‘The Master, the priest makes it clear he will sacrifice the adventurers on his altar. Having discreetly freed themselves, the party attacks, and the fight resumes, even though it’s clear the party is outmatched without their missing allies. As the party desperately fights, the day is saved by the sudden appearance of the town Constable! He, in a display of seasoned fighting, kills ‘The Master,’ and the priest flees. The Constable then instigates martial law, as times have become unpredictable dangerous.


Could someone add the XP awards and the like? I figure I’ll use some DM rewards to catch up Boult.

PofA - Red Larch, Part Four

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